Hi guys! Welcome to Three Sisters, One Coffee Maker! We decided that the best way for you to get to know us was for us to list 10 facts about each of us and ten facts about all three of us, together. Grab your cup of coffee, favorite comfy pants, and enjoy learning a little bit more about the three sisters who run this blog!

Lindsey (The Oldest)-

  1. 31 years old and sometimes my birthday falls on Thanksgiving
  2. I love running and am always looking for another race
  3. Coconut cream pie coffee is my favorite
  4.  Fall is my favorite season and I love anything pumpkin spice!
  5. Disneyland is my favorite vacation spot
  6. Favorite TV show- Top Chef (or anything cooking/baking related)
  7. Favorite Netflix series- Orange is the New Black
  8. Favorite snack- anything chocolate (especially if it is chocolate and peanut butter combined)
  9. Favorite color- Pink
  10. Favorite movie character- Elle Woods

Cierra (The Middle)-

  1. Twenty- Something Years Old
  2. Baker
  3. Animal Lover
  4. Addicted to Cookbooks
  5. Gilmore Girls Binge Watcher
  6. Fuzzy Sock Enthusiast
  7. Notebook Collector
  8. Favorite Color is Purple
  9. Year-Round Christmas Movie Watcher
  10. Jurassic Park/ Jurassic World Mega-Fan

Sydnee (The Youngest)-

  1. I am a figure skater and have been for 11 years
  2. I  love books
  3. My favorite movies consist of The Martian, Legally Blonde, and Beauty and the Beast Live Action Movie
  4. I am a Junior in high school and I go to online school
  5. My favorite ride in Disneyland is Space Mountain and my favorite ride in California Adventure is California Screamin’
  6. I love hockey- I don’t play but I watch it a lot and root for our home team – the Arizona Coyotes and a few others
  7. Boston University is my dream college
  8. My favorite subject in school is either Science or English
  9. One of the top places I would like to visit is Sweden
  10. I am the favorite sibling and soon I will also be your favorite sibling so stick around

About Us-

  1. We all love coffee (obviously)
  2. Shark week is our favorite week
  3. We all love Disneyland
  4. We were all born and raised in Arizona
  5. We all love participating in 5ks and half marathons
  6. Not only do we share a coffee maker, we also share a Netflix account and we’re addicted to it
  7. We might just be the Starbucks lovers that Taylor Swift talks about in her songs, and we also run on Dunkin’
  8. We have an extensive collection of mugs
  9. We all wear Brooks tennis shoes #BrooksEndorsed
  10. Halloween and Christmas are out two favorite holidays


We’d love to get to know you so feel free to leave a comment with any thoughts or questions!

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