Poolside Must-Haves

Happy Tuesday everyone!

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Since we’re getting into the hotter part of the summer, more time will be spent in the pool or sitting poolside. This post is all about what you need for a day out by the pool.

  1. Magazine

Magazines are essential to life just as well as by the pool. Any magazine will do, just make sure it has things that interest you! My magazine is the April issue of vogue featuring Selena Gomez.

  1. A good summer book

Once again it’s your choice what you read but summer reads out by the pool are the best. Over the summer I like to read fun and happy books then when it gets to fall I dive into darker and more paranormal reads. The book pictured is called “Broken Hearts, Fences, and Other Things To Mend” by Katie Finn. For a short description this book takes place in the Hamptons and follows best friends (or ex- best friends), a brother, and a whole lot of secrets . Sounds like Gossip Girl summer edition to me. Linked below is the Goodreads link for the book pictured as well as the links to other summer book recommendations!


“Broken Hearts, Fences, and Other Things to Mend” by Katie Finn


“The Summer I Turned Pretty” by Jenny Han


“Alex, Approximately” by Jenn Bennett


“The Siren” by Kiera Cass


  1. Cute Sunglasses

You’re outside where the sun is ceaseless, you’ll have to protect your eyes somehow so why not with some cute sunglasses? The ones in the picture are from Charming Charlie’s and if you’re lucky you might catch their deal going on which is 2 for $15 on sunglasses! They have a really wide selection of sunglasses so you’re bound to find at least one (or two) pairs you like!

  1. Cup/Tumbler to keep your drinks cold

Taking your cold drink outside in its original container is usually the cause of a hot/gross drink after about 10 minutes (5 in Arizona). To avoid your drink melting or getting hot I’d suggest a tumblr possibly of the Lilly Pulitzer variety. It is important to stay hydrated especially when you’re outside so my Lilly tumbler with ice cold water in it that lasts longer than bottles water. Another cup/ tumbler brand I recommend is Tervis, everyone in my family loves Tervis and we each have more than one in various sizes!

  1. Beach Towel

The beach towel in the picture is a basic pink striped one but our family owns a ton of beach towels. We have Disney, we have floral, we have Tommy Hilfiger, you name it we probably have it on a beach towel. Choose your very favorite beach towel and use it to sit on or to dry yourself off after a refreshing dip in the pool.

  1. Cute Pool Float

I saved the very best one for last. Pictured above is my beloved flamingo pool float that I got for my birthday. I love this float so much, it is big and stable enough to lay on it in normal clothes and be safe from tipping over but probably not safe if any unexpected cannonballs occur. Don’t limit yourself to just flamingo floats, in the background there is a popsicle  pool float that is adorable and was like $5 at Fry’s (Arizona’s Kroger store). Other floats I love are Donuts, pizza slices, swans (like the one Taylor Swift has, obviously), pineapples, seashells, and literally any other food item or bird you can think of. I believe that my Flamingo float was about $35 from Sam’s Club but there are plenty of other cute floats you can get without breaking the bank.



Not pictured is sunscreen! SPF is so important so find a sunscreen or tanning oil that you like and make sure it protects your skin enough to not cause any damage or severe sunburn! Thank you so much for reading! I hope you have an awesome day and make sure to take a nice dip in the pool for me!


What are your favorite poolside essentials? Let me know in the comments!



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