“Mako” Move Monday!

Hello everyone! This week is our favorite week ever, do you want to know why? IT’S SHARK WEEK. Our whole family loves sharks and we’re big fans of the movie Jaws so you can imagine how excited we get when it’s time for Shark Week. Our posts this whole week will be all Shark themed so if you’re also a fan of this magical week then join us for a sharktastic week of really fun blog posts.

“Mako Move Monday” I know you’re thinking “what does this mean?” well it means WE CAME UP WITH A SHARK WEEK INSPIRED WORKOUT TO DO WHILE WATCHING SHARK WEEK! Make shark week a good workout week by doing this workout that we made by being shark week experts. Burn off the calories from all of the sharky snacks by getting up and moving while watching shows all about sharks.




We hope that doing this workout tonight won’t make you too tired because we have 1 whole week to go and we’re ready to attack this workout everyday. Thank you for reading and make sure to follow us to stay updated on all of our shark week posts!

What are you most excited about for this year’s Shark Week? Let us know in the comments!

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