We’re Gonna Need A Bigger Boat Wednesday!

Hey Everyone! We hope that you are loving Shark Week as much as we are!

Today, we wanted to share with you some of our favorite movies that just so happy to feature sharks!

TOP 5 Shark movie moments and quotes:

  1. Jaws -As you know, we have a soft spot in our hears for Jaws and Sheriff Brody is someone I would want to take with me on any ocean  adventure. While there are many jawesome quotes in this movie, our favorite would have to be-

” Smile You Son-of- A…*

It is such an epic line of this movie and a very fitting ending.

GetImage (17)


2. Finding Nemo- The lovable sharks in Finding Nemo are amazing. While Nemo and Dory are cute in their own way, the sharks have such lovable qualities about them.

Our favorite quote: “Fish Are Friends, Not Food”

GetImage (14)


3.Deep Blue Sea – I know that some of you may not have seen this movie but I promise it is definitely worth a watch. Especially, if you happen to be into genetically modified sharks that seem to have a personal vendetta against everyone. Also, Samuel L. Jackson is in it so it can be all that bad!

Our favorite Quote: “I’m not Daniel when he faced the lion. So I appreciate the irony, Lord! Cook dies in his own oven! But I’ve got other plans!”

GetImage (12)

4. Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales. While all three of us are huge fans of the Pirate’s franchise, Sydnee is a big fan of the zombie sharks featured in this movie. She is hoping that Disneyland will see our Instagram post and figure out a way to bring them to the River’s of America!

Our favorite quote: “The only safe place is the land. Why are we going away from the land?!”

GetImage (15)

5. Shark Tales- If you are looking for a shark movie that might be a little more light and fun compared to some of the other options mentioned. Shark Tales is a good choice. With Will Smith and a number of other stars providing the voices, it is entertaining for the whole family.

Our favorite quote: “I’m a vegetarian.” (This is our favorite because it is spoken by a shark!)

GetImage (16)


What is your favorite movie featuring a shark?

What has been your favorite show of Shark Week 2017 so far?


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