Getting Organized for School


Hey everyone! Sydnee here! I know it’s only August 1st but I went back to school yesterday! That is way too early in my opinion but what can you do? Since it’s almost back to school time for others I figured it’s time to start getting organized for school. I’ve been getting organized so I decided to share what you can do to get your organization on and mentally prepare.

  • One of the first things I usually do is make a list of all of the school/office supplies I need. This is my favorite part because I love school supplies and list making! Either you get a list from your school or you’re stuck on your own but my list usually consists of a new set of colorful pens, a notebook for each class, a folder for each class, sticky notes, highlighters, and some binders. I usually put two classes in each binder so I don’t have 6 binders to find a place for. Knowing what you need so you can get your shopping done efficiently is a big step in preparing for the new school year.
  • Onto something much harder, fixing your sleep schedule. I haven’t been as bad about sleeping in this summer as I have during the past few summers. This summer I was pretty consistent with waking up around 9am with a few earlier days for skating practice. During the past few summers I slept in until around noon and just felt kind of crappy all day so this summer has been much better in that way. There is a ton of ways to fix your sleeping schedule; everyone is different so different things work. What I did during my sophomore year (last year) was set an alarm for the time I wanted to start getting ready for bed so I had a reminder and alarms usually make me feel more inclined to do the thing the alarm was set for. I also set an alarm for the time I should be in bed by. My goal wake up time is 7:30am so I’ll set my “Get ready for bed” alarm at 9:30pm and my “You should be in bed” alarm for 10pm. Now I usually get on my phone before I sleep which is a huge no but I can’t help it. I usually make my rounds on all of my apps for a bit then finally set my wake up alarm and put my phone on my nightstand at around 10:45 p.m. You should start trying to fix your sleeping schedule about 1-2 weeks before you start school.
  • GET A PLANNER!! Seriously I was lost before my planners and now I am found. I am much more organized when I have a planner and having a new one for before school starts helps me manage my time better later on. I used to be really bad about time management but now that I’m going to be a junior in high school, a National Honor Society member, figure skater, runner, blogger, and Netflix watcher, I will need to keep track of all of my activities and try to plan my days ahead of time so I don’t feel as overwhelmed.  I usually write down a routine that I’ll want to get into and try to stick to some of it before schools starts. Also being an online student brings extra problems if you are/ were not time management savvy. So basically get a planner and write stuff.
  • Clean out your laptop and phone. Since I am an online student I like to have my laptop all cleaned out and organized before school starts. I try to condense what’s on my home page and delete what I don’t need. Phone wise I just like to have space so I am constantly transferring my photos to my computer then deleting them off of my phone. I also delete any apps that I haven’t used or don’t need. Having a fresh and clean laptop or phone makes me feel like I will be more productive so give it a try.
  • Mental Preparation. Dun Dun Dun….. Mentally preparing is kind of hard to do because going back to school can be overwhelming but if you’re prepared mentally and also physically (?)  It won’t feel as stressful. To prepare myself about a week before I tell myself during the day that I will be busy doing homework at this time and I won’t be able to do what I’m doing right now so I not only take a moment to be grateful for not having to do homework yet and so I can start thinking ahead for what my days will be like. A good majority of what I tell myself to prepare is just relax now, you won’t get to do it as much later, don’t stress too much about anything, the first few days of school are the easiest and I will get used to being in school so it doesn’t feel like such a big deal. Also if I could go back and tell myself some stuff before my Freshman year of HS when I went to a physical public school would be not to stress about how I look, I would’ve worn less makeup and tried a little less to be honest. The most important thing I tell myself is school is just school, I care about my grades but I will not let myself be consumed by the letters on my report card even though I totally freak out about grades. These things might not work for you because like I’ve said you might have other ways of preparing but just make sure that you do prepare no matter what your method is.
  • Something that also reduces back to school stress is cleaning your room and homework space. I like to have a clean room before I go back to school not only because my room is basically my classroom but because it will be a weight off of my shoulders since a lot of my day is taken up by school I won’t have to stop what I’m doing to clean or clean after a long day of homework. Having a clean workspace is crucial to doing your best on any assignment plus it’s just nice to not have a cluttered space because for me having a cluttered homework space is like having a cluttered brain and I can think more clearly when only what I need is on my desk.
  • Get motivated. I take school very seriously and when I am motivated I do better on assignments and it takes my already pretty good work ethic to the next level. My favorite sources of motivation are from quotes I find on Pinterest, looking at studying themed Pinterest boards, Tumblrs, and Instagram accounts, reading stories and biographies of successful people, and motivational videos on YouTube. My best source of motivation is watching Legally Blonde, Elle Woods is my favorite motivator and whenever I watch the movie I am ready to do so well in school and life that I make Elle Woods proud. I think we should all live our lives in a way that makes Elle Woods proud (What would make Elle Proud is my Delta Nu lockscreen).  Another motivating movie for me is Monster’s University, Mike Wazowski works so hard that it makes me want to work hard so I can get into Monster’s University just like him! Monster’s University isn’t a real place but trust me if it were, we would all be attending.

That is pretty much all I have for you guys on getting organized for school. I recommend all of the things in the bullet points, obviously since these are my techniques. I wish you guys luck in school whatever grade you are in! Thank you so much for reading and let me know in the comments what your favorite techniques are for getting organized for school!

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