Monday Must Have’s!

Hey Guys!

How is it Monday again already?

I am on getting ready to head out the door to start another long week at work, luckily my boss will be out of town Wednesday-Friday so I can skip the heels and slacks.

Today, I wanted to share with you two of my Monday must have’s, and no one of them is not coffee because that goes without saying!

My first Monday must have is the Goodr sunglasses for running! As I have been scrolling through Instagram lately, I kept seeing these really cute sunglasses that a number of people have been wearing. When I looked into them, I loved the fact that they were only $25.00 and that they had hilarious names to go along with them. I loved mine so much that Sydnee even wound up getting a pair about 2 days after I did.

During our training runs we will be rocking these adorable glasses. Let us know if you would like us to do a separate review :). The color that I chose was Flamingo’s On a Booze Cruise because I love pink! Sydnee went with Gardening with A Kraken.

2017-08-14 08.05.55

My second Monday must have is these adorable flats! The two on the left cost me $3.00 and the two on the right cost me $5.87 each. Since I am all about comfort on most days these heels were an amazing find. I had already purchased a pair of the red previously and since I receive compliments on them, I should probably purchase another pair before fall. One tip that I do have is that if you are going to buy these flats and have ankles that rub easily, pick up some heel guards in the shoe department. I spend less than a $1.00 on these and they have made it so I can happily wear flats without the blisters.

2017-08-13 19.42.54

What are your Monday must have’s?

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