Motivation and Mansions!

Hi Guys,

2016-10-09 15.29.45

Sorry for the brief silence, Happy Haunts interrupted our tour, but we are happy to be back this week to our regular posting.

How is Monday again already? It seems like such a long week leading up to Friday and then I blink and suddenly, here we are again.

I will say that I am starting the week pretty motivated. One tip I will say helps a lot is prepping things on Sunday night. I know it seems bothersome, especially when I am winding down for bed. However, that 5-10 minutes of getting things ready for in the morning helps immensely. I think that is a tip that can be applied to both school and work.

2016-10-09 14.15.39

One thing keeping me motivated today is that we have officially booked a trip to Disneyland in September. That means Halloween decorations will be up and Pumpkin Spice Latte’s and Frapp’s will be available. Halloween at Disneyland and California Adventure is one of our favorite times of year and we are extremely excited to be heading there in a less then a month!

2016-10-10 12.34.46

While work is never necessarily fun, the idea that I am counting down the days till I am strolling down Main Street, riding The Haunted Mansion Holiday and seeing what new and exciting changes have been made in California Adventure, makes it a little easier.

2016-10-09 10.53.02

What is your favorite place to visit during Halloween?


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