Desk Essentials

Hey Everyone, Cierra here. I hope you are all having a fantastic week so far, once we make it through today it will finally be the weekend. Doesn’t it feel like this week has gone on forever?
Anyways, since the theme for this week has been school/ work, I thought I would share with you my desk essentials. The desk in the picture above is mine and it’s where I write posts for this blog as well as my personal (, where I do my homework (currently studying for my bachelor’s in business management) and where I run my online bakery business ( So it serves as the headquarters for my many adventures. A few, let’s be honest the list is never ending and changes on a day to day basis, of my essentials are:
– The magnetic whiteboard calender: this keeps track of my crazy schedule, tells me what I have coming up, my work schedule and what orders need to be filled when and vacations when I get the chance to get away.
– The Three Drawer organizer: I have two, the little one atop of the desk and a big one under my desk. These are lifesavers when it comes to keeping all of my important things close by. The bigger one holds my files, my cameras, tablets and my never ending notebook supply.
– The shelf that sits above my desk is my motivation/happy things shelf. It holds some of my favorite pictures, as well as, momentous to remind me why I work so hard.
– The small striped wooden box next to the baker Piglet, holds most of my post-its. Before I had this, I usually had to really search for something little to write on, so with this little holder I can keep it close and organized.
– My sisters and I have a weird addictions to pens. Whenever we go to Target we are always down the pen aisle, we have plenty but never enough it seems. So because of that issue I have 3 holders on my desk just for pens.
– In front of those pens is a coaster. Lindsey picked up these cute beach themed coasters for sydnee and I, while she was vacationing in Newport a few years back. That combined with the Brad Paisley Koozie has made such a difference to keeping the condensation from the daily ice coffees from making a watery mess.
For today, those are the top desk essentials. If you have any suggestions or would like to share your desk essentials, please comment below!

Have a great day!

How To: DIY Galvanized Metal Nautical Sign

Hey Everyone! Cierra here, today I’ll be sharing a step by step tutorial  on how to make your own galvanized metal sign. Since we are in the middle of summer, I went with a nautical stencil but the choice is yours!


What you will need:

  • Galvanized Metal Sign- You can find a small sign with decorative edges at Wal-mart for $2.97 or a crinkle kind of large sign for just a few dollars more.
  • Stencils- You can make your own stencil or find a wide variety at any craft store.
  • Multi-Purpose or Indoor/Outdoor Gloss Acrylic Paint
  • Little Sponges or Paint Brushes, really whatever your preference is
  • Masking Tape, this will come in handy with keeping the stencils still while painting



To begin, you are going to set the stencil how you want it, then take a few pieces of masking tape and secure the stencil to your sign.


Then using whichever color you decided to go with, and take the little sponge and dab onto stencil. Don’t get too much paint on the sponge because otherwise it will bleed under the stencil.


After you are done applying about two coats of acrylic paint (That will depend on the color you chose and how light or dark you want your specific color). Remove Stencil by lifting straight up, if you drag and there’s any wet spots left it will get ruined.


If you find any spots where the paint bled or any tiny imperfections, you can take a cue tip and some nail polish remover and use it like an eraser.


Then hang up wherever or display wherever you like and enjoy the hand-painted sign you just created! Have A great day!