7 Things Every Disney Fan Needs!

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Hey everyone, it’s Sydnee! As you guys probably know, we are major Disney fans. We are Disneyland Annual Pass holders, we RunDisney, we buy Disney, we are just Disney people. Disney fans need a lot of things ok well maybe not need but we feel like we do. Below are some things that if you have you are a major Disnerd and if you don’t you need to become a Disnerd.


  1. Minnie or Mickey Ears

We hope that this is a given since Minnie ears have become more popular than they used to be. Wearing ears that match those of the two famous Mouses that started it all, enhances the in park experience.


2. Disney Phone Case

Repping Disney on your phone at all times lets people know what kind of person you are. When other Disney fans see it they will want to talk to you and if non-Disney fans see it they will know to stay away. My phone case is a Princess Leia one that says “Join the Rebellion” I got it from Star Wars Launch Bay in Disneyland. The cool thing about customizing it is that you can put your name on it to establish superiority among all of the basics. Just Kidding, but seriously get a Disney phone case from the park or amazon.


3. Disney Bracelets

These bracelets can include a cute cuff one that I want so bad or the classic Alex and Ani’s. Bracelets can also include those leather ones that you can get engraved at a few different places in the parks. Our favorites are Alex and Ani’s, I think between the three of us we have about 20-25.


4. Disney Bag

Maybe it’s a purse, a suitcase, or reusable bag but it’s still Disney and that means it’s better than any other plain old bag. Other bags might as well be potato sacks in comparison. I don’t have one but the other two have a ton of Disney Dooney and Bourke’s they’re expensive but worth it.


5. Mickey Waffle Maker

We know that everybody loves the Mickey waffles from the park but having a taste of them at home is good too. Ours don’t taste half as good as the ones at Disney but  it’s mickey shaped which means it tastes better.

Image result for i live in fantasyland shirt (Picture from the Disney Store Website)

6. Disney Shirts

Whether these are from the parks or a small shop orr you make them yourself, Disney shirts are a must for everyday life and park days. My favorite Disney shirt right now is my gray shirt that says “I Live in Fantasyland”, this shirt is from the park and it’s pretty accurate because I love books so I feel like I’m in a fantasy world more than the real one.



I’m pretty sure every mug we own is Disney. One of us usually comes home with a Disney mug after each trip, it’s a serious issue but we can’t stop. If you too have too many Disney mugs please join our support club by following us and telling us about your addiction, we can’t help but we can support you by also having the same issue.

Thank you so much for reading! If you have anything to add let us know in the comments!





What’s In My Bag?- Work Edition

Hi There!

I hope that all of you are having a fantastic Monday so far. I am always sad when Monday comes back around. One thing I have found that always helps me get ready for the week is having my work bag ready to go on Sunday night.

Today, I wanted to share with you, What’s In My Bag, Work Edition.

My chosen work bag is a Disney Dooney and Bourke. While I did own another bag previously, this one helps remind me that in most cases, I am working to fund my next Disney Trip!

Purse Photo

One of the best things about this bag is that it is huge on the inside. It has quite a few pockets so I never feel like I have to leave anything behind.


As for what goes into this bag…

What's In My Bag- Picture

On any given day, the contents could differ greatly. For now, these are my necessities.

  1. My Lily Pulitizer planner and pens. This a new purchase for me (because who doesn’t need another day planner!). I went with the mini because it fits perfectly inside of this bag and allows me to carry my planner with me whether I am at home or at work.
  2. Sunglasses and sun glass case. I always have both of these on hand because #1. the glasses case is usually holding my glasses and #2. I hate having to squint with the sun in my eyes. This adorable case was purchased at Charming Charlie’s and I purchased the make up bag to match
  3. Hand sanitizer. Since this bag is not big enough to fit the kitchen sink, I always have at least two bottles of hand sanitizer on me at all times.
  4. Saline eye drops. Because I wear contact lenses, I often find myself with dry eyes. These saline eye drops are a god-send when my eyes feel like I am trekking through the Arabian Desert!
  5. Concealer and Mascara. Sometimes, I don’t have time to run home to re-apply before heading for a night out. Since that is the case, I found that carrying the basics with me is a big help.
  6. Extra contact lenses. While I do wear 2-week lenses currently, I usually carry a pair of one-a-days with me in case of emergency.
  7. Shout wipes. Because white shirts should stay white. Even if I do dribble a little coffee during my morning meeting, I can make sure that I look clean and put together for my afternoon clients with these wipes.
  8. Compact brush and mirror. Frizz is not your friend!
  9. Nail file. This one was recently added after snapping the tip of one of my acrylics off on a file cabinet at work.
  10. Bobby pins. Fly-away’s are awful! Luckily, I can slip a few of these in to get my bun back in place on hectic or unusually humid days.
  11. Hair ties. If all else fails, I can toss my hair in ponytail and get things done!
  12. Mini screwdriver. I am prepared for almost anything! Just in case my glasses get loose or I need to pry something small open.
  13. Personal care bag. A majority of the smaller items pictured here are placed in this bag so I have a central location for everything.
  14. Gum. I dislike walking into afternoon client meetings after lunch without chewing a piece of gum. I found this package is convenient to toss in my bag so the gum is contained and neat.
  15. Extra phone battery. While I do have a charger at work and in my car, I hate the idea of being without a back up.
  16. Umbrella. So I don’t have to be singing in the rain!
  17. Water bottle. This is brand new and amazing! This bottle keeps hot beverages warm for 12 hours and cold beverages cold for 24 hours! Plus, it won’t sweat in the humidity!
  18. Wallet. Because shopping!
  19. Chap-stick/ Lip Gloss. I have found that my office is extremely dry a majority of the time. I am a huge fan of Carmex as a base coat under any lipstick or chap-stick.
  20. Inhaler. It ain’t easy, being wheezy!
  21. Mirror. Salad in your teeth? Not on my watch!
  22. Purse hook. Sometimes the floor is just….ick!
  23. Car keys. I love that this bag has a clip on the inside to hold my keys so that I am not left diving in like Mary Poppins to find them when walking to my car.
  24. Phone charger. I like a 100% battery!

What is one essential you never leave home without?

What is your go-to work bag?