What We’re Excited For Wednesday…

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Hello Everyone!


We hope you are all having a wonderful week so far! Today we thought we would share with you what we’re excited for in the coming weeks.

First off, Sydnee has an Ice Skating competition this coming weekend in Flagstaff, AZ.

Sydnee and Cierra have the Florida Georgia Line concert in September.

Then the weekend following the concert, we will be going to a much awaited Disney trip. We’re really excited for this one because it will be the first weekend for Halloween at Disneyland, as well as the newest Halloween Decorations and special treats happening at Disney’s California Adventure. Usually we only get one Halloween trip but this year we are really lucky to get two!

And on top of that two Christmas at Disneyland Trips! Usually when we are there around Cierra’s Birthday (November 9th) they’ve already put up the Christmas decorations. The second trip will (hopefully) be in the beginning of December to not only celebrate Christmas but also our parents’ 35th wedding anniversary.

If you’re like us, we like to be on the lookout for new Disney merchandise. The newest things we are most excited for are the new Alex and Ani Haunted Mansion bracelets! The first one they showed is one with the medallion like the welcome plate at the front gate of the ride. The other designs include Madame Leota’s head (that matches the new Disney Dooney & Bourke!) and then the singing busts from the ride.

Then, of course, the new Halloween merchandise. There’s a new coffee mug shaped like the Mickey Pumpkin that greets you when you first enter the park that may or may not be coming home with at least one of us.

Now that we’ve rambled on (always happens when we talk Disney), we would love for you to share what you are excited for, Disney or not!

Have a wonderful Wednesday!